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What to expect when you come to The Shiatsu Center for massage treatment

After you've completed the intake forms from either the downloads provided on this website or when you come to the Shiatsu Center, you will be lead into one of two massage rooms where you will be given a gown and left to change. If you prefer, you can bring your own set of comfortable clothing instead of using those provided by The Shiasu Center. Aki, the massage therapist, will review your intake forms and may ask additional questions regarding your condition before he starts treatment.

To begin the session you will lie comfortably on a futon mattress on the floor or on a massage table under a sheet and blanket. Both the mattress and table are equipped with heating pads so you don't become chilled. The heat also aids in warming your muscles.

Aki will enter the room and begin an acupressure massage session. Because the Shiatsu technique uses deep pressure finger manipulations, it is important to communicate with him throughout the treatment if you are uncomfortable in any way. Although Aki is in tune with the body's muscular structure and can feel resistance and release, you will achieve the most benefit through open communication.

The bodywork session usually lasts about 50 minutes. After Aki leaves the room it is important to take a few minutes to rest before getting dressed. You will receive feedback about the therapy when you come out to the waiting area.